Resilience Training: Training for activists, NGO professionals

(Also available as a Conference or Group Retreat Package)

As activists and full-time practitioners in the field of social justice, we are frequently overwhelmed by the immensity of the tasks before us. We arrived at this work with a sense of purpose and dedication, of connection and resolve, but over time we get depleted by the many challenges and demands. Our connections with each other get weakened, we feel exhausted, our health and personal lives suffer and we may feel cynical or resentful about our work and our colleagues.

In Resilience Training, we go to the root of our inspiration and examine the nature of our basic connection — the one with ourselves. Resilience Training begins to reconnect us to our own selves, our work and our community, supporting our potential to live at a deeper and more authentic level. We start being more comfortable with our lives, and living our lives with awareness of our emotional lives.

Resilience Training draws on classic meditation and mind-training of Buddhism, highlighting their relevance in our present-day realities and activities. We tap into our own wisdom and examine our motivations and habits to understand how we can be more effective in our lives. We will begin to understand how we can move from a place of “reaction” to one of “response” and to shift from our habit-patterns to more focus, flexibility and openness. By doing our “inner work”, we start to change the way we are “present” in the world, so that the work and communities we love, sustain us at a deeper level, instead of being a cause of our burnout.

Format: Ideal number: 8-15 persons

Time commitment: Two weekends, with a 2-week gap.(Other formats are also possible, this is a suggested format.)

This training is available for groups as well as individuals. Email us for more information!

Weekend starts on Friday evening (2 hours), followed by 6.5-hour day participation on Saturday and Sunday (including lunch and short breaks), for a total of 14 hours over the weekend.

1st weekend is followed by a 2 or 3 week gap.

During these 2 weeks participants will be expected to commit to a daily practice of meditation of 30-40 minutes. There will be an opportunity during this time to check-in individually over phone/skype with the trainer with any questions or concerns.

2nd weekend is the same pattern as the 1st weekend, without the Friday session.

Participants will also be expected to engage with some study materials. There will be guided meditations and group discussions.

Resilience Training Conference Package:

Conferences and staff retreats are a great time to offer sessions of Resilience Training for the participants. The training can be built into the main schedule of the conference as an optional session, or you can explore options for 2-hour sessions, day-long sessions, weekend sessions, or end-of-day evening sessions: Resilience Training can work with diverse schedules and formats.

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