Meditation for Life

Meditation for Life is our signature training. It is a flexible programme that can be adapted in different modules to fit diverse needs and length of time. The minimum training module is 9 hours, preferably over 4-6 sessions. The sessions are conducted in a workshop format, with hands-on practice sessions, guided meditations, short lectures and Q & A.

Meditation for Life is built on a ‘tripod model’: in order to integrate meditation as a practice in one’s life, we believe three aspects are critical:

  1. The cognitive aspect: One must understand at a cognitive, or ‘knowledge level’, what we are doing and why we are doing it. We engage with understanding the basic psychology of our mind and our emotions, which is what shapes our experience in the world. This provides us with a view to anchor our practice.
  2. Behavioral aspect: As we learn more about the psychological and emotional aspects, we begin to see the need to adapt our “conduct” in our interactions with the world. We understand that we cannot sow the seeds of discontentment and strife and hope to enjoy the fruits of satisfaction and positivity.
  3. Meditation: As we explore our inner, deeper aspects through study and meditation, and experiment with challenging our habitual patterns, we learn to “drop into” our wisdom selves. We learn through direct, authentic inquiry and experience and grow from that core.

Currently, we offer 3 Levels:

Level One:

Introduction to concept and benefits of mindfulness helps beginners transition into exploring awareness and mindfulness practice directly. You will explore the nature of your mind, and see how it works and how you can work with it.

Breathing exercises are gradually introduced, and you are provided guidelines within which to begin to meditate, including the practice of ‘letting go’.

This Level also serves to address your concerns, doubts, curiosity. We all have the ability to learn meditation if we want to. You will also gets a realistic feel for the time and effort needed to cultivate a daily routine. The meditation instructor can help with strategies for establishing the confidence and motivation to begin meditation on your own.

Level Two:

Building on breathing awareness exercises learned in Level 1, you now lengthen and strengthen the time of the practice while learning more techniques. Depending on your progress, this Level might also be the place where we go deeper into exploring our emotional lives.

You might need to spend several weeks or months at this level.

Level Three:

Self-acceptance and kindness is the core of this Level. You will be gently encouraged to look closely at your challenging and difficult emotional patterns. Utilizing the training of awareness and concentration you have been building on in the previous 2 Levels, you will develop the confidence to turn towards addressing the places you feel stuck or fearful.

Level Four:

In Level Four we explore our relationship with others. We bring our efforts to opening our hearts in the midst of pain and discomfort, and strengthen our capacity for resilience.


The above “levels” are broad guidelines and are adapted to individual and group needs and pace. Some people go very slow and others don’t: some devote a lot of time to study and meditation, and others struggle with their practice, doing it some days, going off for other day – or even weeks and months…








The Four Levels of Meditation for Life are offered in small groups (3-18 people).

Time Commitment: Groups can be organized to meet once, or twice, a week. However, individuals must commit to engaging in the practice for at least 8 weeks, 20 minutes or more daily. There is a direct relationship between your effort and the result you enjoy.

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