Mindfuness has recently become a buzzword in the corporate world. It draws on classic meditation and mind-trainings and is creating radical change and shifts in management practices, bridging the gap between personal aspirations to live a meaningful, connected life and the realites and demands of working in a highly competitive, with constant distraction and the pressure of consumerism. Our bodies feel exhausted, our health and personal lives suffer and yet, we must go on.
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How do we handle these challenges? Is ill-health, poor habits, weakened connections with others our response? Do we complain, judge others, feel constant irritation, anxiety, guilt or resentment? Blame others, feel isolated?
With Mindfulness Training, we go to the root of our stress and challenges by examining the nature of our basic connection — the one with ourselves. Mindfulness Training begins by looking at the nature of our mind and experiences, enhancing our potential to live at a deeper and more authentic level.
Mindfulness Training highlights the relevance and effectiveness of meditation practice in our day-to-day lives.
During the training, we will have an opportunity to discover our own wisdom and examine our motivations and habitual patterns. We will understand how we can move from a place of ‘reaction’ to one of ‘response’ and shift to more flexibility and openness. By doing our “inner work”, we start to change the way we are “present” in the world and in our work and families.

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