Corporate On-site Mindfulness Programme
No commute, driving, tension about reaching on time!

Many executives and administrators are interested in mindfulness programmes and training, but time management is an issue. Given the traffic conditions and distances, it can be difficult to fit in a training that is located some distance away from the office or home. Commuting, arriving on time for this training might just add to your daily stress!

Management can now arrange a COMP programme on corporate premises, once or twice a week. The trainer comes to the office premises near the close of business day. The executives finish their work, and walk to the conference/seminar room, and right there, is their mindfulness training without the tension of leaving or reaching on time — which will make a huge difference!

This is for groups of 12, or in the case of top management, who would like to discuss their stress issues without sharing in a group, smaller groups are possible, as well as one-on-one basis.

Companies can offer this as a staff welfare/retention benefit, without losing executive hours. Both employee and management benefit because a mindfulness programme greatly enhances stress management ,and personal development growth, resilience, and employee retention.

Please email us if you would like to discuss this further.

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